Kent Johnson
Director of Research

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What are American Hero Companies. How do we find them?

American Hero Companies are intentional about diligently, truthfully and generously serving their employees, customers and communities with continuously improving, quality products and services. They, also, show the courage to stand for what is good and right despite cultural and other pressures.

Our extensive search for these companies focuses on three values; integrity, caring and courage. Subcategories include servant leadership, fiscal responsibility, customer service and ministry. Companies must achieve a score of 400 out of a possible 500 to become designated as an American Hero Company. Currently, less than 5% of companies meet these stringent standards.

Our Research Process
3 Values, 9 Subcategories, 300 Questions


Adhering to Moral and Ethical Principles

| Mission / Vision / Values

Well-defined mission and values statements help a company to stay on track

| Fiscal and Governance

The affairs of the company are governed ethically and responsibly

| Awards and Recognition

Confirms commitment to core values and quality of business services & practices


Displaying Kindness and Concern for Others

| Employees and Families

Respected and provided work environment that fosters development of the whole person

| Customers and Partners

Highly regarded and enthusiastically served with high-quality, life-enhancing products

| Communities

Cares for the environment and makes meaningful contributions to community


Stand for Right in the
Face of Adversity

| Commitment to Values

Courage to do what is right even if it might adversely affect profits

| Servant Leadership

Corporate leaders embrace servant leadership and recognize the value of each employee

| Charity / Ministry

Offering charitable/ministry services to employees, customers and communities

Important Disclaimer and Risks

The people or companies we have featured in our articles may or may not endorse our company. They may or may not agree with our goals or investment strategy. The views presented in this publication may not always reflect the current opinion of American Values Investments on the values or the prospects for investment performance of any company mentioned. Each of our stock holdings performs differently and it should not be concluded that all of our stock selections have performed as well as the ones mentioned. The securities identified and described do not represent all of the securities purchased, sold or recommended for client accounts. The reader should not assume than an investment in the securities identified was or will be profitable. For a complete list of recommendations made by American Values Investments, please contact us. Our goal is first to support companies that best reflect authentic American values and only then seek market competitive returns. We reserve the right to buy or sell any stock from our current portfolios or add or subtract companies from our American Hero Universe. Investing in stocks involves risk including the loss of principle. American Values Investments research criteria limit the number of stocks available for investment. Stocks eliminated may have potential for higher returns. Companies acting on higher ethical standards may sacrifice short-term profits, which could be reflected in lower stock price. Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives, risk tolerance, and the expenses of investing in our portfolios. Due to changes in the products or services of the companies in which the strategies invest, the strategies may temporarily hold securities that are inconsistent with its investment criteria. Past performance is no assurance of future results.

More complete disclosure/risk information can be found in our firm disclosure brochure.