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In 2002, the company name was changed from LeCraw Investment Management to American Values Investments in order to incorporate a patriotic focus. LeCraw believes that America, including the values she represents and the freedoms we enjoy, are critical for us and the world. Even before the name change LeCraw observed that most values-based investment strategies involved avoiding companies that were doing harm to society. As result, he along with Glen Yelton, a former army intelligence veteran, developed a pro-active research process to target companies with the best values that were making substantially positive contributions to America. Stock portfolios of these companies they called American Hero Companies were then created for the investing public.

This positive/pro-active approach attracted several highly qualified professionals in the areas of research, sales, operations, and investments. It also attracted investment capital from some influential corporate executives, which allowed the company to expand. There are now investment professionals residing in 8 states providing AmHero portfolios to investors in over 30 states.

Our Team

Carter LeCraw, CFP President / CEO
George Parks, CFP Chief Investment Officer
Diana Hodge Operations Manager / Compliance Coordinator
Director of Research

Carter LeCraw, CFP
President / CEO

Mr. LeCraw graduated from Georgia Tech in 1975 and served as a Supply Corps officer in the Navy for four years. He began his career in the financial planning and investment business in 1981 and received the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 1987.

George Parks, CFP
Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Parks graduated from Davidson College with a degree in Economics in 1980. He joined American Values Investments in 2001 and earned the Certified Financial Planner designation in 2004. George also spent 20 years working as an executive for Belk, Inc.

Diana Hodge
Operations Manager /
Compliance Coordinator

Ms. Hodge graduated from Milligan College with a degree in Organizational Management. She joined American Values Investments in 2000. Diana also worked as the Executive Director of Assistance Resource Ministries, in Elizabethton, TN.

Kent Johnson
Director of Research

Mr. Johnson received a B.S in Business Administration Magna Cum Laude and an M.B.A. from California State University. He joined American Values Investments in 2014. Previously, Kent spent 31 years in the aerospace industry with Hughes Aircraft/Raytheon, Boeing and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). He was the manager of acquisition planning and compliance. He was awarded the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal.


To provide any American the opportunity to invest in stocks of companies that embody the timeless values (Biblical) that have made America free, prosperous and exceptional.


  1. That America would remain good and therefore great.
  2. That investors would be able to derive multiple benefits from supporting American Hero companies.

Important Disclaimer and Risks

The people or companies we have featured in our articles may or may not endorse our company. They may or may not agree with our goals or investment strategy. The views presented in this publication may not always reflect the current opinion of American Values Investments on the values or the prospects for investment performance of any company mentioned. Each of our stock holdings performs differently and it should not be concluded that all of our stock selections have performed as well as the ones mentioned. The securities identified and described do not represent all of the securities purchased, sold or recommended for client accounts. The reader should not assume than an investment in the securities identified was or will be profitable. For a complete list of recommendations made by American Values Investments, please contact us. Our goal is first to support companies that best reflect authentic American values and only then seek market competitive returns. We reserve the right to buy or sell any stock from our current portfolios or add or subtract companies from our American Hero Universe. Investing in stocks involves risk including the loss of principle. American Values Investments research criteria limit the number of stocks available for investment. Stocks eliminated may have potential for higher returns. Companies acting on higher ethical standards may sacrifice short-term profits, which could be reflected in lower stock price. Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives, risk tolerance, and the expenses of investing in our portfolios. Due to changes in the products or services of the companies in which the strategies invest, the strategies may temporarily hold securities that are inconsistent with its investment criteria. Past performance is no assurance of future results.

More complete disclosure/risk information can be found in our firm disclosure brochure.