Values in Action:
American Hero Companies Contribute to the Fight against COVID-19

Watch this 4-minute Values in Action video to learn more about companies in our American Hero portfolios are leading the battle against COVID-19.

These are just a few examples of how companies in our American Hero portfolios are tangibly strengthening our families, our communities, and our nation.

You can invest in American Hero companies like these who are preserving our timeless values, serving their communities, and helping to build a brighter America.

During this challenging time, American Hero companies are contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

Vaccine Development

A leading clinical trial laboratory services organization is collaborating with the University of Texas Medical Branch to help accelerate COVID-19 vaccine development. Its research aids vaccine development by creating biologicals that help determine vaccine effectiveness.

This novel approach has potential advantages over traditional biologics including significantly shortened testing times and increased sensitivity. The solution will help ensure vaccine effectiveness and help to rapidly delivery a trustworthy vaccine to the public.

COVID Testing

One of the largest home health providers in the country is partnering with the Trump administration in spearheading COVID-19 testing for vulnerable populations. After declaring a national emergency during his nation-wide address, President Trump brought the executive vice-president to the podium to calm the nations anxieties.

The company is on the front lines of providing care to vulnerable and elderly populations receiving in-home healthcare services including those with infectious diseases. It is leading efforts for in-home testing by coordinating with hospitals to distribute test kits to at-risk and rural populations.

Its experience coupled with its network and logistic capabilities make it ideally suited to cooperate with the government and other healthcare providers to promote a unified front in this effort.

Government Response Software

Data, and the ability to make sense of it, are crucial components of government response to the spread of COVID-19. A provider of public sector solutions is utilizing its software to provide a free data dashboard that allows municipalities and government agencies to access, share and analyze data.

Open data dashboards have proven successful in informing government action and providing essential, accurate information to the public. The dashboards provide comprehensive, real-time updates on the outbreak that allow users to identify trends, project risks, and prioritize responses.

The technology firm also produces software that helps school districts create the routes needed to distribute meals. To facilitate community outreach during this crisis, it is offering the app to parents at no cost to help districts and families coordinate delivery.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing

A supplier of programmable semiconductors shifted its manufacturing on a dime to supply an international medical equipment maker with thousands of field-programmable gate arrays to power patient monitoring systems.

As the crises has ramped up in the U.S., it has shifted its efforts to support the largest U.S. medical suppliers that are providing the critical technology used to test and treat COVID-19: technology such as ventilators, patient monitors, respirators and patient ICU beds.

These are just a few examples of how companies in our American Hero portfolios are tangibly strengthening our families, our communities, and our nation, and are helping to preserve freedom for our future.

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