Exercise Your Values for a Brighter America
We Must Preserve our Values to Preserve our Future

Since her inception, America has played a vital role as a “city on a hill.” She has been a source of hope and a beacon of freedom to those around the world. As a patriotic American, we know that you believe in America, her mission, and her future.

The key to our freedom, as articulated by Benjamin Franklin, is our virtue. And yet, another famous quote underscore this point further. It may have been Alexis de Tocqueville who, nearly two centuries ago uttered a quote that still rings true when he said, “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” And so, if we hope to preserve our freedom, and therefore our exceptionalism, we must preserve and advance our nation’s timeless values.

But with the increasing assaults on America’s heritage, what can we do to help strengthen and preserve timeless values such as caring, courage, integrity, and many others? Although the challenge may appear daunting, everyday Americans can make daily choices to help positively turn the tide for the betterment of our great nation.

On that basis, American Values Investments is launching a year-long challenge to help Americans preserve and strengthen these values in their homes, communities, and ultimately our nation.

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As a patriotic American, are you up for the challenge?
Will you be the change – and hope – agent that our nation needs?

If so, please participate with us over the next 12 months in our Values in Action challenge. By putting your values in action in small ways, you can make a big difference. You will receive a monthly challenge in one of four areas: building community, caring, courage, and personal integrity.

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