Values in Action: Unique Service Projects

This quarter’s Values in Action video showcases a philanthropic award-winning company that participates in some unique service projects.

An American Hero company was recognized as Philanthropic Corporation of the Year by a regional chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. This manufacturing service provider was nominated by Johns Hopkins and the American Heart Association.

The award celebrates the extraordinary change that philanthropy has helped to create in the world and showcases outstanding corporations for their commitment to change.

This manufacturing firm focuses its global philanthropic efforts in the areas of education, empowerment, and the environment. The goal for 2020 is to give back 2 million volunteer hours at its 100 global sites.

Following are a few highlights of the unique ways this company gives back to communities across the globe.


Its employees supported a primary school, not just with STEM training, but by showing students the importance of serving others. Employees took students to serve at an elder care facility. This allowed the students to show appreciation to those who paved the way for their opportunities. This was a wonderful opportunity to make a positive impact across generations.


In keeping with its commitment to including and empowering those with diverse neuro abilities, the company supports a non-profit school for children with hearing and learning disabilities. Employees engage the children in various activities and provide needed supplies.

For a community in rural Mexico, gaining access to water requires a lengthy trip to retrieve water that may not even be suitable for consumption. To provide a readily available source of clean water, the company built a system to collect, filter and store rainwater. This project required employee volunteers to carry the supplies across a 45-minute hike through difficult terrain. Employees not only provided a lifesaving resource for others, but also learned gratitude and learned to care for those in need.


This American Hero company was also ranked 118 on a list of 300 companies named to Newsweek’s first ranking of America’s Most Responsible Companies. This ranking was based on criteria aligned to environmental, social, and corporate governance outcomes.

This ranking comes on the heels of significant momentum in the company’s social responsibility initiatives around energy efficiency and sustainability.

Last year, it made substantial impact

  • Carbon Emissions decreased 49%
  • 50% of energy usage from renewable sources
  • Converted 1 million KwH electricity
  • Converted 700,000 megatonnes of emissions
  • Signed commitment to reduce plastic use

These are just a few examples of how companies in our American Hero portfolios are,in our estimation, tangibly strengthening our families, our communities, and our nation, and are helping to preserve freedom for our future.

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