Cooper Providing Land for Churches

Wandering souls that we are, my wife Virginia and I recently relocated to Hot Springs Village in southwestern Arkansas. With more than 40 square miles of land area, this largest gated community in the United States offers a host of attractions and amenities. But clearly one of its most noteworthy features is its collection of attractive churches. You see, when Cooper Communities, Inc. began developing the village in the early 1970s, congregations that were willing to commit to building appropriate edifices were given, at no cost mind you, up to ten acres upon which to build a church.

Today, the approximately 14,000 residents of Hot Springs Village can follow their preferences to numerous church choices, including Baptist, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Anglican, Lutheran, and Presbyterian, to name but a few of the denominations (and non-denominations). On that basis alone, the village is an uplifting place to call home.

Providing land to build churches by Cooper Communities is another example of American Values at Work.

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