Monday, August 19th, 2019


Our Strategy has Practical Aspects

Our investment strategy is not merely “pie in the sky”, although that is part of it. There are plenty of logical arguments to support the premise that our strategy provides reasonable prospects for competitive returns. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. We believe, and there is evidence to indicate, that companies with higher ethical standards are likely to perform better over time.

2. Having a goal greater than financial performance helps us and our clients maintain course when the market gets troublesome. (Interestingly even though some mutual funds show excellent returns it is not always so for their clients, many of whom jump out when the market goes down and get back in when it gets higher which is exactly the wrong thing to do)

3. Longer-term investment strategies, like ours, have been often shown to have better performance than more active trading strategies. Obviously, that is the view of Warren Buffet.

4. Our diversification discipline offers balance during turbulent periods.

5. Investing in relatively few stocks, as the 24 in our managed portfolio, has been proven to be a good strategy by investment icons, Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet and Phillip Fisher. One advantage is it allows more time to monitor those positions.

6. Our equal weighting and regular rebalancing prevents over-concentration and provides the opportunity for each stock to contribute to overall return.

7. Our remaining fully invested avoids the pitfalls of market timing and allows clients to be efficient in their asset allocation.

8. Our multi-cap blend portfolios provides the flexibility to use stocks with best investment merit and thus more likely to contribute positively

9. Our use of macro-economic analysis provides the opportunity to take advantage of market trends.

10. Our regular rebalancing provides a disciplined approach to buying low and selling high, and provides further protection from over-concentration.

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