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American Hero Investing

American Hero Company Universe 
Our "Hero Only" investment strategy means that each of our portfolios is chosen from a select group of approximately 115 public companies we call "American Hero Companies". To earn this designation a company must score at least 400 on our proprietary 500 point scoring system which seeks to evaluate the critical values of Integrity, Caring and Courage.

Two Investment Strategies: Active and Index
The two American Hero Portfolios have been developed using the discipline of time tested investment basics while incorporating integrity, caring and courage. The process manages risk with diversification and by avoiding speculation. American Hero Investing is a concerted effort to be driven by faith and grace rather than fear and greed.

American Values Investment Standards - PDF
The American Hero Equity Model is an actively managed strategy.  The active strategy uses the American Values Investment Standards based on the values of integrity, caring and courage.  These characteristics are incorporated through mission/vision, professional counsel, risk management/strategy, monitoring, and discipline.

American Hero Investment Merit Standards - PDF
American Hero Equity (active)

Individual stocks are selected to be in the actively managed strategy based on the American Hero Investment Merit Standards.  These investment merit standards are also based on the values of integrity, caring, and courage as expressed in the company’s strategic advantage, total return, management effectiveness, corporate governance, and corporate culture.
The American Hero Index (passive)
This is a equal-weighted portfolio of all American Hero Companies.
Compare the two models - PDF
Updated Performance Table - PDF

When investing in equities there is the distinct risk of loss of value. Our two American Hero portfolios normally maintain 90-100% invested in the equity markets. We manage equity investment risk through diversification and regular rebalancing. Any tactical/allocation strategies would be handled by the investment professionals having direct contact with the client. Past performance is no assurance of future results.


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