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American Hero Companies

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American Hero Companies

American Hero companies are American companies that that best reflect the American values of integrity, caring and courage. Below is information on how we find, score and monitor these exemplary companies.

Research Standards - Complete description of research standards (PDF)

To earn the "American Hero" designation, a company must achieve a minimum of 400 out of a maximum 500 points under our proprietary values-driven scoring system. Company analysis includes over 300 questions grouped under the three critical values of Integrity, Caring and Courage. Within these three values are nine categories including servant leadership, fiscal responsibility, employee relations, community relations, and others. Continuing research adds new companies while others may be removed for not maintaining the required minimum score. Click on the link above for a more detailed description of the three values and nine categories.

Research Process - Six Steps

  1. Initial Search
    There are multitudes of sources from which American Hero Company candidates can come:
    • Lists - such as: Best Companies to Work For, Most Admired Companies, Top Integrity Companies, Best Corporate Citizen Companies, Mutual Funds, etc.
    • Leads from business leaders.
    • Leads from values-conscious consumers
    • Magazine articles about companies doing great things
    • Values-driven workplace non-profit organizations
    • And others
  2. Helpful to Society?
    Checking to see if the Hero candidate is involved in products or practices that could prove harmful to society.
  3. Pre-scoring
    The company is given a preliminary score on some key areas to see if it has a reasonable chance to meet rigorous scrutiny of our comprehensive analysis. If the candidate receives a prescore near 390 it is added to the potential Hero list.
  4. Comprehensive analysis
    This detailed analysis takes many hours and includes over 300 questions covering the three values in nine categories. Many internet sources are used including the company’s own web site. Other valuable sources include Glassdoor, a website that records anonymous comments from employees and Morningstar. Sometimes a survey is sent to the company if more information is needed.
  5. Final approval
    After the Hero candidate is given a comprehensive score it is brought before the entire team. If approved the Hero Candidate becomes an American Hero Company. Upon approval the new Hero is promptly added to the American Hero Index portfolio and included in the list for consideration for the American Hero Equity portfolio.
  6. Annual Review
    Every company is reviewed and rescored each year. Some companies have been removed by not maintaining the minnimum score of 400

Number of American Hero Companies

Like digging for gold, uncovering American Hero Companies is an extensive and laborious process, but finding them is definitely worth the work. Out of the thousands of public companies less than 5% are currently designated as American Hero Companies. The total number varies, usually between 80-100, as new companies are added and others are removed.


If you would like a free sample report on an American Hero Company click here to request a complimentary copy.

Short Videos from American Hero Companies

Below are links to a few short videos from companies currently (as of August 31, 2017) designated as American Hero Companies. Please be advised, we do not necessarily believe these companies will be good investments either in the short or long term. They also could be removed from our American Hero Company list at any time and without notice. American Values Investments is not compensated from the companies represented below to put links to these videos on our site. The videos are primarily to show certain traits we look for as we search for companies in which to invest. Prior performance is no assurance of future results.

Positive Policy

  • Little progress can be made by merely attempting to repress what is evil;
    our great hope lies in developing what is good.
    Calvin Coolidge
  • If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will.
    Abraham Lincoln​​​

It is easy to see what is bad in people, organizations, countries, and, in our case, public companies. We believe digging for what is good is harder, but more rewarding. Therefore, we make a concerted effort to stay positive and encourage what is exemplary in corporate America. In keeping with that fundamental objective, it is our normal company policy to only publicly commend or bring to the attention of the public the exemplary practices of any specific public company.

Some of our initial research will make it difficult for companies that are involved in certain harmful practices or products to qualify as American Heroes, but we do not automatically exclude a company from consideration because of a specific objectionable practice or product.

Our “values-driven” research primarily focuses on finding public companies that best reflect American values, and it is estimated that less than 5% of public companies will meet our criteria for designation as an American Hero Company. This positive and proactive process has been very effective in eliminating most of what is considered objectionable, and offers our clients the opportunity, as suggested by Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Abraham Lincoln, to affect change by supporting what is good rather than merely avoiding what is bad.

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